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Join the 2015 FPI Video Contest!



Are you one of our 2015 Work and Travel participants who just got back from the USA? Then send in your video entries and join our contest today, for a chance to win BIG PRIZES, especially the GRAND PRIZE: $500! Check out the rules below, and good luck!


1. All submissions must be from First Place WAT 2015 participants, verified to have returned to the Philippines on time, in good standing with the program and the US State Department.


2. Only one video entry per participant. Maximum video length is 3 minutes. Videos should be in .mp4 format, and follow standard YouTube formatting guidelines listed at:


All videos become property of First Place Inc. upon submission, for reuse in further promotion of the US Work and Travel program.


3. All entries must primarily be in English. All entries may only use music and assets that are not flagged by YouTube's copyright system, under Creative Commons license rules.


4. Videos may use a mixture of photos, footage, voiceover, and art effects. Videos should not include profanity, obscenity, offensive, or illegal material.


5. Video files must be directly submitted as attachments or Google Drive-shared to


Video file naming format should be Name of Student - School and Region - WAT 2015. For example: "Juan Cruz - LPU Manila - WAT 2015." or "Nina Gomez - OLFU Valenzuela - WAT 2015." We will feature the videos on FPI's Facebook page.


6. Overall theme for the contest is "Dreams Come True: My Summer Adventure in the USA with First Place Inc." Videos should feature locations visited and experienced in the USA, especially the people and culture of America. Video should embody and exhort the fun and value of cultural exchange and travel.


7. All entries must feature at least 15 seconds of the applicant's host company / work location, as well as the applicant's supervisor and/or co-workers talking about the applicant and/or the Work and Travel program.


8. Video should feature, in no particular order: favorite place, favorite person or people, favorite food, and favorite event experienced in the USA. A good video will narrate or showcase all of these naturally as part of a story.


9. Deadline of submissions is on the last day of August 2015. Only videos that have been featured on FPI's Facebook page will be considered valid entries. Winners will be informed through email and phone.


Score Weight Mechanics:


35% Content - how well the required elements listed in rules 6, 7, and 8 are featured in the video.


35% Production Values - how well the video is edited and presented.


20% Social Media Engagement - how many people you get to LIKE and SHARE your video as well as FPI's Facebook page.


10% Use of FPI Elements - how much First Place is discussed or involved in your video, such as including your own programs counselor as part of the video.


Call your programs counselor today for more info and to find out about the prizes you can win! GOOD LUCK to all participants!

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