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Professional Internships, Career Training Programs

What are Professional Internships and Career Training Programs?


Internship is intended for college graduates who apply within one year after graduation. On the other hand, career training is for those who apply to the program more than one year after graduation, and have gained enough work experience in their area of interest. These young professionals will experience what it's like to live and train in another country, as an intern/trainee, for 6 to 18 months.


Paid, subsidized, or unpaid positions are available in various fields in the US, Australia, UK, and other countries. FPI finds the right match for an applicant's interests, abilities, prior experience, and language skill level. You can choose between self-placed or partner-placed program options. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see new places and get exposed to business practices overseas. Admission is all year round.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the internship program?

This is a 6-12-18 (for non-hospitality) month program with scheduled admissions year-round. The approval documents, called DS 2019 in the US or Sub Class 442 occupational trainee visa in Australia, define the start and end dates of the program. The US Department of State (DOS) or the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) issues these documents through a program sponsor. There is no option to extend the visa, so students must choose their preferred program duration.


How many hours do I train a week?

Approximately 30-40 hours per week. Some companies have overtime available paid at time and a half. In some cases, the training hours are reduced due to slowdown in business activities.


Where will I be placed? Who will be my host company?

There are various locations available. The host companies are usually situated anywhere from suburbs or in towns outside of the big cities, to popular tourist destinations like resorts/island resorts. Please refer to the list of host companies for locations where students have been sent. A number of host companies are currently accepting applicants exclusively from FPI.


Can I choose my own placement?

For the US internships, an applicant may research his/her own internship placement and housing, provided that all the requirements of the State Department are met. FPI provides assistance in preparing all documents required for visa applications. More often than not, First Place offers premium placements. We exert our best efforts together with our partners to match an applicant with the right host company.


Can I change my placement or host company when I am there?

NO. The intern cannot change his or her host company after the training plan has been signed. Furthermore, no changes are allowed after the visa is approved and you start your training.


Do I get paid? How much money will I make? When do I get paid?

Internships are either paid, unpaid, or subsidized. For the paid internships, allowances vary depending on the position, the host company, and location of training. For Australian internships, the first week at the host company will be unpaid. Typically, you will get your allowances weekly or every two weeks. Interns must commit to a minimum of six months' training with their host companies.


Do I pay taxes?

Yes, all US and Australian interns pay applicable state, federal, or city taxes. A portion of these taxes can be refunded. Australian Internships (AI) will provide updated information from the Australian Taxation Office on options for Australian tax returns. AI will assist with tax refunds (for a fee) through electronic tax (e-tax), a service established by the Australian Taxation Office.


US interns will be provided forms to be used in filing for tax refunds prior to their departure for the US. However, interns must complete documentation before the end of their stay so that they can get part of the taxes refunded.


Interns should not expect to receive large tax refunds if host companies have taxed at the low-income rate.


Where will I stay during my program?

Various options are available. Interns are either assisted by their host company in securing their housing, or provided accommodations within the resort. In most cases, interns find their own accommodation but the partners can assist in the search for a fee. In all cases, the intern will pay for accommodations.


In some situations, a deposit is required. There must be a satisfactory turnover of the apartment/hostel or room at the end of their stay, or else they will be charged for the repair of any damages to the room. The room must be left in good condition, or else the student will be liable for all the costs to return it to the same condition as when they moved in. The interns also provide for their own food. In some cases, they are given free or subsidized meals at work.


How soon do I start my internship?

The program begins as soon as the visa is issued, based on the dates in the approval documents. Most US host companies require a two-week arrival notice. For Australian Internships, students/interns will fly into Brisbane for a two-day intensive cultural integration seminar and orientation. They then travel to their host company's location by bus, train, or plane. Upon arrival at the host company, all interns attend orientations and seminars. They also accomplish all administrative and government requirements (SSS, tax forms, establish bank details, etc.).


When do applications need to be submitted?

All applications must be submitted at least 4 to 6 months prior to the applicant’s preferred departure date. However, we do accept applications with less notice on a space-available basis.


Do I need to be good in English to join?

It is important that the students have good conversational English to communicate with their peers and supervisors, while at the same time understanding instructions well. Strong language ability and confidence is a must to have a credible interview with host company representatives.


What are the requirements? Do I need to have specific skills?

All candidates must be graduating or have a degree/certificate/ diploma, or substantial experience in the chosen field. Practical experience will be an advantage to the participant since he/she will have a better understanding of what to expect, and is usually more motivated to do the job.


Do I have to pay anything to join?

A deposit is required upon submission of initial requirements. Balance of all the fees is due once the applicant signs and confirms the program specific and/or training plan, and before the embassy process begins.


What do I get for my fee?

  • Program orientations and briefings together with parents and/or authorized guardians
  • Assistance in processing applications
  • Guaranteed 6 or 12 or 18–month internship/training placement prior to arrival unless otherwise indicated in their preferences.
  • Visa documents such as DS 2019 Sub Class 442 Visa, Training Plan, and/or program-specific documents
  • Assistance in getting Social Security card
  • Health and accident insurance for the duration of the program
  • Pre-embassy interview evaluation and cultural integration seminars
  • Pre-departure orientation seminars and post-arrival program debriefing
  • Sponsorship and support throughout the program


In the event that I cancelled my application, would I get a refund of my fees?  

Most fees are refundable based on the schedule in the process flowchart.


Do I need to get a visa for this program?

For the US internships program, the applicant will apply for a J1 visa, otherwise classified as the Cultural Exchange Visitor’s Visa. The Australian Internships program has been approved by the DIAC under the Sub Class 442 Occupational Training Visa.


Is it guaranteed that I will get a visa?

NO. Only the embassy consuls have complete authority to approve or deny issuance of visa for any reason. FPI and our overseas partners are not responsible for visa denials. However, FPI provides assistance in reviewing all documents required for visa applications as well as provide guidelines to applicants and their parents in preparation for their embassy interviews.


Currently, Australian visa applications do not require personal appearance, since they are filed and processed in Hobart, Australia. However, the Australian embassy in Manila may call some of the applicants to conduct a personal interview.




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