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Student Testimonials

Gloriece Do - University of San Carlos , WAT 2012

"From the very beginning when I was still applying for the Work and Travel program, up to my stay in the U.S., First Place handled the entire process well despite the sheer number of student applicants like me. Everything went well for me in the U.S. I was able to meet good and friendly people around South Carolina.


I learned many things about the people I interacted with, and they learned a lot about me in return. I was able to develop my communication skills and how to deal with people effectively. I discovered a lot of things about myself, the people I met here, and about the place itself. All these lessons helped me become more mature and prepared for my future plans in life. I will never regret that I applied for this program. KUDOS to the people behind this!"

Raniel Louie Oyos - Wesleyan University Philippines , WAT 2012

"First Place gave me a once-in-a-lifetime experience where I met other people, got to know their personalities, and learned about differences in cultures and beliefs. I consolidated my everyday experiences to form a bond of friendship, teamwork, and knowledge-sharing with others, which helped enhance my own personality."

Fobio Anthony Rellores - Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation - Lega , WAT 2012

"The program helped me a lot, and helped me become independent. I learned how to manage my time and I learned how to spend my money wisely. I would recommend the program to others because it will let them experience how to work in the US. They'll also meet different people and learn about different cultures!"




Carla Tongio - University of the East – Manila , WAT 2012

"Yes, I recommended this program to my friends! This summer Work and Travel program provides students with an opportunity to become directly involved in the daily life of people in the United States. You'll get to travel and do temporary work for a period of up to three months during the summer vacation."

Marilyn Mosqueda - University of San Jose Recoletos , WAT 2012

"This is the right program for a student to become mature. Living away from my parents taught me a lot of things. I learned the value of money and time"

Jhonito Ubina - Saint Paul University Philippines – Tuguegarao , WAT 2012

"I love First Place's Work and Travel program. This is a once-in-a-blue-moon experience. Amazing and exceptional!

Russell Joshua Namalata - Enderun Colleges , ICT 2011-2012

"JW Marriott existed long before I could even talk. But then I got to be a part of their 20th hotel opening in February 4, 2012. I still can't believe that I was fortunate enough to be engaged in such a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a student, I wouldn't have known that somewhere on this planet, a well-established hotel brand was opening a new branch.


Everything I experienced, everything I tried for the first time in my life, let alone stepping my feet onto US soil, would absolutely have just been a dream if not for First Place. They genuinely help students to follow their dreams, learn independence, and endure hardships -- all together be in 'First Place' in life! :)"

Kristine Marie Ravanilla - St. Paul University of Quezon City , WAT 2011

"This experience offered by First Place is priceless. Through it, I was able to do a lot of things I never would have imagined myself doing. This program made me independent, and I gained new friends through it. This is a heck of an experience you can't just buy with money: I learned, I gained experience, and I grew!"



Krisha Anne Delfin - Centro Escolar Makati , WAT 2011 & ICT 2012-2013

"I learned two things from my internship training program in Boca Raton Marriott: being BRAVE and STRONG. Being the only intern during my time at Boca Raton Marriott gave me a lot of chills and pressure. When I went there, I had mixed emotions. I cried because I felt so alone, but I thought more positively later on because I knew this was a great opportunity that God had given me.


I never expected to have such focused and intensive supervisory training before going on to perform in a real work environment. My training covered examinations and Food and Liquor tasting. I worked at the Food and Beverage department which was the BEST! I developed a well-mannered attitude in the workplace, spoke confidently with the guests, and became both a good problem-solver and a flexible worker. The valuable training I received has prepared me to be more competitive and a professional hotelier in the future. My coworkers, the chefs, the managers, everyone there -- they are my family. They always made my day special. This internship program made me realize that: I DESIGN MY OWN DREAMS AND BELIEVE!”

Sheena Sevilla - Lyceum of the Philippines University, Batangas , WAT 2011

“Working in the US was not easy as working in the Philippines. On my first day of training I was a bit shocked, because I never thought it would be that hard. But on the other hand, I’m very happy because I've already experienced the life in the US. This program is a huge help for students like me because you can be an independent person, learn how to budget your own money and how to get along with other nationalities. Most importantly, you learn how to work very hard."

Keiziah Llare Gallardo - La Consolacion College – Deparo , WAT 2010, ICT 2011

“I attended the Work and Travel program in 2010, and it was indeed a life-changing experience for me.  I learned values like responsibility, teamwork, determination, and sacrifice. I joined again in 2011 as an intern. I joined this program not because of the money or the opportunity to travel, but for the life experiences I learned from the journey. These memories are what made everything worthwhile. Thank you First Place for giving me the chance to experience this awesome and wonderful journey in my life!”

Cindy Olpoc - St. Paul University Dumaguete , ICT 2010

“My internship experience at the Baltimore Country Club was one of a kind, and remains the most precious to me. At first it was a little difficult because the environment and culture were different, which meant a lot of adjusting on my part. But once you get to adapt and learn from such differences, you get to love what you’re doing and enjoy it at the same time.


The managers were very focused and hard-working, but also very approachable. They guided us effectively for the entire year. My coworkers were very friendly and accommodating, and they love us Filipinos because they know that we also work hard. We usually surpassed their expectations in terms of our abilities and talents. All in all, it was the BEST and the most wonderful experience I've ever had.” 

Ma. Andrea Santiago - Centro Escolar University Malolos , WAT 2009 & ICT 2010-2011

“I first went to the United States for three months in 2009, then came back again later and lived there for a year. It's not just the people, the job, or the place that brought me back, but everything all together. I came to the US as an HRM major and the experience helped me to graduate. I left with the longing to come back for more! I was in a new world, a place with many different cultures and people with different beliefs from all walks of life.


My first experience was one of learning. I came as a student, yet I left as a trainer. My managers saw in me my potential, and fostered it to develop into true professional skills. I mastered my studies, and I am now a full time trainer in my field. The biggest reward was being anle to explore the United States. I saw the capital of Washington DC, New York City, vacation spots like Ocean City, and everywhere else in between. Coming to the United States was the pinnacle experience in my college career and something everyone should do.” 

Camille San Andres - University of Santo Tomas , WAT 2010

“I became independent and responsible for myself. I gained work experiences and learned new things together with my fellow participants in this program. Everything went right, and I really learned and enjoyed a lot of things that I can apply in my chosen career. I also understood better the culture of people in the US and how to deal with them.


I also tried doing new things that made me stronger. It was a learning experience that was enjoyable at the same time. I was able to know myself better and I became more determined to  pursue my goals  in  life. Thanks to First Place for the time and effort in helping make this possible for students like me. God Bless!"

Jeanne Therese Empaynado - Ateneo De Manila University , WAT 2010

“First Place offers a very enlightening experience where you can learn so much. It was a challenge to my maturity, independence, and skills. Also, you get the chance to experience life in a foreign land for three months, which was a good step to improving myself!”




Billy Jay Velitario - Mariners Polytechnic College Naga , WAT 2010

"During my stay in the U.S. at BCC, at first I was so nervous because I didn't have any idea of what life ahead would be like. I had a hard time at first, because we had a lot of differences, particularly in culture. Sometimes even racism would occur. It wasn't easy for me to communicate and socialize with them. That was the saddest part of working for me, when you're not only tired of working but you also feel alone. Fortunately, a few weeks later, I learned to cope with my coworkers and my working environment.


Since then, my work became easy. I show up my potential and I worked better every day. I can say that I was a big contributor to the company, because in spite of flexible time and area of designation, I made the best of it. Every day was a learning process. One of the best experiences was the tour package. I’ve been to different places like New York, Washington D.C., and Virginia. I explored the beauty of different states and shared wonderful moments with my new friends. The whole experience was great because I became a driven person, independent and very optimistic. I’m also very thankful because at my young age I already experienced working and living with different nationalities and cultures. It was also a big part of my education and in my growing up.”

Jezaniah Aguda - Our Lady of Fatima Valenzuela , WAT 2010

"The Work and Travel program was a really great experience, especially on my first day of work. You might get excited and nervous about how you'll work with everyone, but just follow First Place's training and you'll perform well. As my first time working in the industry, it was an honor to be part of the Baltimore Country Club in Maryland, USA.


I worked with great people in a nice environment, and I really learned a lot. I can say now that I was trained properly and I was challenged to meet international standards. It was really fun, working at BCC. They really took care of us. From our very first day up to the last step, I fell in love with the people and the work environment. And take note, it wasn't just all about work. We enjoyed the travel part of the program! I got to visit many states which I never imagined I'd see with my own eyes. No regrets!"

Aiyannalen Velayo - Centro Escolar Makati, , WAT 2010

 "I joined the Work & Travel program in March 2010, and worked as a Club Service Attendant at the Baltimore Country Club in Maryland. It wasn't easy at first, because it was difficult to adjust to the new surroundings and new cultures. But this Work and Travel program helped me grow professionally, in the way that it granted me the chance to work at a well-known country club in Maryland. The working environment was pretty good, fun, and pleasant.


People working at the BCC are nice. They have been so helpful. They pursued service standards and offered gracious hospitality. I felt love, warmth, and friendship, which what I cherished most about the experience. It was amazing! I got to meet and gain new friends, learn new culture, and appreciate other's cultures. My experience was fantastic, awesome, and brilliant. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had! It was a great experience with a great program!"

Jose Marie Emilliano Motus - University of San Carlos, Cebu City , WAT 2010

"I was able to immerse myself in a totally different environment away from the comforts of home, and I enjoyed the experience of living independently!"

Erra Tito - Trinity University of Asia , WAT 2013

"My Work and Travel experience in the United States last March to June had a great impact on my life. My previous experience helped me to learn a lot of things. I learned that the challenge of working in different places is not that easy. I learned to be focused when given a task, and to be attentive while trying to learn new things. I learned to work on problems and challenges, and provide solutions.


Performing the duties in my company allowed me to learn the different aspects of how a company operates, and gave me better understanding in the field of hospitality. I also learned that customers are THE vital asset of a company. Without them, a business would not exist. I learned that guest satisfaction is making sure we meet the expectations our guests are looking for. This is done by paying attention to detail, taking no shortcuts, and completing a job from start to finish. We have to ensure total quality and excellent customer service.


I learned that you can be happy with what you're doing, and you have to look at every situation as an opportunity to do the best you can with your responsibilities. This takes determination and dedication to what you're doing. Although my experience was limited, I learned how to give a different perspective on how things can be done differently for the better. For example, making sure that I do everything with the big bright smile we Filipinos are known for!


Most importantly, I learned about taking care of different responsibilities, how to work with different people, and understanding how a world-class company operates. It not only helped me become more independent, but it allowed me to take home so many experiences I can apply to different opportunities that will come my way. Ultimately, these experiences will help me be successful in my career!"

Traci Tenebro - Philippine Women's College of Davao , WAT 2013

When I heard from my school about the US Work and Travel program offered by First Place Inc., I became really excited. I knew that lots of people wanted to go abroad, especially to the United States of America. I was given the chance to work at the Courtyard by Marriott in Hyannis, Massachusetts as a housekeeper. Later on they trained me as a bistro attendant / barista.


In so many ways, I learned how to be independent and how to interact with people from around the world. At first, I wasn't really confident about myself back then. I lacked confidence, especially when talking to someone new. But I was molded into a stronger person because of my experiences! I am a Hotel and Restaurant Management student, and I know these experiences will give me an edge in my soon-to-be career. Thanks to all the people who helped me make these things happen!

Carla Jean Miso - Bukidnon State University , WAT 2013

I can say that this program has been one of my best experiences that I will cherish forever. An experience that I wish did not have to end. An experience that will become a memory. A memory that will never be forgotten, for this experience taught us a lot and made us who we are now: better people. This program to work and travel abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that FPI is offering, so it's up to us if we are going to grab it. Because according to them, "KUNG AYAW MAY DAHILAN, KUNG GUSTO PALAGING MAYROONG PARAAN!"


Indeed this program is a stepping stone in achieving our dreams and goals in life. So for me who went through this program and came home afterward to the Philippines, I would definitely suggest that students must also try and avail of this program. It can change and help you personally. This program is really worth everything! Not even money can replace the learning and experiences that we can gain from it.

Shiela Mae Religioso - Centro Escolar University, Manila , WAT 2013

Thank you, because this program taught me how to become independent. I learned how to solve problems on my own, and to become more responsible. I've learned that it's really hard to earn money, that's why from now on I'll just spend my money wisely. :) Thank you FPI!

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